Are Vue Smart Glasses Selling On Amazon Now?

I’ve been a huge fan of Vue smart glasses since the first day of its announcement. Waiting for the delivery could drive me insane. However, again and again their postponing the estimated delivery date prompted me to look for other similar glasses I could instantly get in hand.

The other day, as I was searching for bone conduction glasses on Youtube, I bumped into a video named 7 Best Smart Glasses You Can BUY NOW On Amazon. The title immediately whetted my appetite.

To my disappointment, these glasses were either what I already knew of or heavy-duty VR / AR headsets like Microsoft Holo Lens or HTC Vive – not a pair of everyday glasses that I could easily wear both indoors and outdoors. So I started to fast-forward until I suddenly caught a glimpse of what looked like the footage from Vue Smart Glasses. Looking into it and I found that it was Vue.

So the title was 7 Best Smart Glasses You Can BUY NOW On Amazon and it had Vue smart glasses in it. Was I missing something? Scrolling down an Amazon link was found. I was hoping to finally see Vue glasses on Amazon through this link but it linked to a glasses brand called Asun.

At first, I thought that this was probably a selling strategy for Vue. Because for some brands they would put their product on eCommerce platforms while changing the brand in case negative reviews would jeopardize their brand reputation. I was almost cheering for discovering Vue on Amazon when the second picture went insight – the legs were not right. They were too thick and heavy for Vue smart glasses for sure. Definitely not Vue. Then I realized I had bought this product and returned it months ago. And it did not even support bone conduction.

At that time there was no brand for the glasses and the title just indicated that the glasses were camera featured and able to record video wirelessly through wifi and Bluetooth – 007 spy glasses that I had dreamed of since I was a child. I ordered eagerly but what I got was a pair of shoddy, cheap plastic glasses with the left lens already fallen off. And the legs creaked when I tried to wear them. Well, I could accept this if the video feature was satisfactory. But it was not.

The video quality was no better than 480p (not the advertised FHD 1080p at all) and once you continued to film more than 15 minutes, the legs began to burn. Worse, the video had no sound and you need a lame p2p app to export it. I used iOS and I could tell that the app was not developed by this glasses team either thus no optimization for the glasses.

To connect the glasses to my phone I needed to open the app first and it failed a lot of times. The gesture feature on Zungle Panther was bad enough but here it was worse as the lagging was intolerable and sometimes I couldn’t even tell the status of the glasses (whether it’s recording or not, or even whether it’s on or not). The only feedbacks when switching on the glasses were some sputtering (no voice prompt) like the noise you heard when your phone had weak signals and a dim blue-green LED light which was barely visible under the sun. The battery drained about 30 minutes later but I didn’t know when exactly it happened because no apparent feedback of low battery was given.

To conclude, this is not a pair of glasses you would purchase in any way. If your work or hobby requires a gadget that could covertly record videos, DigiOptix bone conduction glasses may be a better choice, except that they are also in crowdfunding and has no definite delivery date. Or you could have a look at GoVision, which supports 1080p HD video recording and voice command with Siri and Google assistant.

Back to this video. The products introduced in the video are nice but some of the links given in the description area are completely worthless. For each product this YouTuber has given different links for different countries but look close, they are not necessarily the product claimed to be. In other words, they are like click baits just for the purpose of the writer’s affiliate program.

I’m not against affiliate because I myself have enrolled in several programs. However, to give a false link and trick people to think what it is actually not will do more harm. False advertisement such as this might lead people who do not know VueGlasses so well to think that the real product is exactly this one and it sells on Amazon and only gets a one-star rating. Not fair for the customers, nor the brand.

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