Hoyee Eyes Smart Eyewear

8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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  • Feels comfortable like regular glasses
  • Impressive sound quality after a few upgrades
  • Various stylish frames to choose from
Hoyee Eyes Smart Eyewear

Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $129.95.


Are you looking for Bluetooth audio glasses that are not so nerdy?

Hoyee Eyes has optimized the glasses and make them look like your regular glasses, without any compromise in sound quality or battery life.

In this review, I’ll talk about everything you need to know about Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses.


Hoyee Eyes is a brand started in 2020 focused on the development of smart audio glasses.

Its smart glasses (original ones), was launched around March of last year and after several significant upgrades, has become one of the most popular Bluetooth audio glasses today.

You might notice I said “original ones”. That’s because they also released a Plus series in September last year.

Both series glasses have about equal quality and the real difference is the control. You can check the detail about Hoyee Eyes Smart Plus here.

One of the most attractive features of Hoyee Eyes is that their Smart Glasses have a wide range of styles to choose from.

If you are looking for fashion audio glasses that you use every day, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite styles there. (Mine is Envision, what’s yours?)

In general, Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses Original Series is the best value glasses at the $100s price range. I’ll walk you through the details of every part of Hoyee Eyes Smart Glasses below.

Audio Quality

This was an issue when they first came out.

Because of the thin and lightweight arms, there was not enough space for a regular directional speaker.

Instead, Hoyee Eyes team used a different solution, which resulted in some issues, one of which is the low level of sound volume.

At that time, you need to increase the volume to over 85% to hear the music clearly even in a quiet room. This together with other small troubles were solved after several upgrades. The sound quality now is loud and clear, though the bass effect is quite weak.

Update - 2020.08.20The Hoyee Eyes team seems to be doing quick iterative development over their speakers and has accumulated massive feedback in a small group of people. We’ve received another sample of the product but haven’t noticed significant upgrades regarding either sound quality or leakage. Stay tuned while we do other tests to give you the latest info.
Update - 2020.12.14We received the newest version (of original series) from Hoyee Eyes last week. This upgrade includes a huge improvement in the audio quality and the sound volume now is louder and clearer. Hoyee Eyes told us that this is because they’ve replaced the former chipset with an upgraded one. Also now there is a sound feedback whenever you press the touching area, which will give you an instant hint whether your press action is successful or not.

Here is an audio test we made for Hoyee Eyes Navigator. You can compare it with other brands’ smart glasses.

Audio is played at maximum level so that you could hear more details.

Sound Leakage

Sound leakage is a pain for most directional speaker Bluetooth glasses.

This is the same for Hoyee Eyes Smart Eyewear. After several upgrades, this has not been improved a lot in quieter environments.

If it’s an office environment where there is some level of noise, the leakage won’t be noticed at about 85% level of volume. Above 85% and if people are within a foot to you, they might notice the sound.

Update - 2020.06.13The glasses’ arms have been upgraded to reduce sound leakage. We’ve also noticed a minor upgrade in the sound quality.

Connection Stability

Not a problem as long as you are within their required distance.

Today, we are surrounded by various wireless devices. But none of them has any interference on my glasses.

Comfort Level

For Asian customers, some of their frames may not fit well as their frames are designed for Americans & Europeans.

My Asian friend complained about this while I had no trouble at all. We contacted Hoyee Eyes about this and it was solved with an extra pair of sticky nosepad.

For the frames with metal nose bridge and nosepad, this is easily adjustable to fit everyone.

And even these are glasses with batteries and chips in the arms, I don’t quite feel the weight.

Ease of Use

Of all the smart glasses I’ve used, the most unpleasant feature is the touch control.

This is also the same for Hoyee Eyes (Original Series, their Smart Plus Series use a physical button and it’s easier for me to interact.)

I accidentally activated the touch many times before I really got used to the position of the touch area.

And sometimes I just couldn’t find the right spot when I needed to. It really took quite some time before I got the hang of it.

This might be just me, but I just don’t have any issues with smart glasses with a physical button.

Once you get adapted to the touch, it’s an upgrade to your lifestyle.

Whether you are driving and need to answer phone calls, or just need to activate Siri for more advanced actions, it’s all super easy.


8.5Expert Score
Most Comfortable Smart Eyewear Today (2023)
Hoyee Eyes Smart Audio Glasses are optimized for wearing experience. If you need long time use or intend to get prescription lenses in these glasses, they'll do a great job. The sound quality is decent and the leakage is acceptable. And once you get used to the touch control, you'll find it a great improvement for your daily life.
Sound Leakage
Sound Quality
Comfort Level
Connection Stability
Ease of Use
  • Feel like regular glasses to wear
  • HUGE improvement in sound quality in the latest upgraded version makes these glasses the best alternative for Bose Frames
  • Fast charging (less than 1 hour)
  • Multiple stylish frames to choose from
  • Proprietary magnetic charging cable is a bit inconvenient (type-c preferred)
  • Sound leakage

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bluetooth version


sound volume control

from smartphone

battery volume


cellphone app


charging port

magnetic charging

charging time

55 minutes

firmware update


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ios/android compatible


playtime / phone call time

3.5 hours

official prescription service


standby time

100 hours

supported profiles


swappable lenses


virtual assistant compatible


water resistance



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